Pitfall! 1.7.0

Jump, slide, and whip your way through the jungle


  • Changing perspectives keeps gamplay fresh
  • Plenty of powerups and upgrades
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Vehicles makes gameplay interesting


  • Graphics don't really help give it a retro feel
  • Really wants you to purchase in-game items

Very good

Pitfall! is an arcade game for iOS where you play as an adventurer making his way through the jungle.

Pitfall! offers an interesting take on running games like Temple Run and Agent Dash. The game starts off as a side-scroller, moving from left to right. Swipe up and down to jump or slide your way over and under obstacles. As you play, the perspective will shift behind your character, turning Pitfall! into a very similar game to Temple Run.

As you run, you collect coins, which can be used to purchase in game items. One annoying aspect of Pitfall! is that the game really pressures you to buy in-game items using real money. To resume at a checkpoint, you'll have to use a bird coin. While you can gain these coins by playing Pitfall!, they are few and far between.

Players won't really mind playing the same levels over and over as Pitfall! features enough changes in gameplay elements to keep players coming back. There are vehicles and animals that you have to whip in order not to get poisoned. Gameplay is constantly changing and keeps the game feeling fresh after many plays.

Pitfall! keeps gameplay fun with constantly changing levels but be prepared to be nagged to spend money on in-game items.



Pitfall! 1.7.0

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